Powerful web and digital product development.

Our services include research, user experience (UX) evaluation, full-scale design, technical implementation, expert consultancy and continuous growth support of your digital products. Build your digital future with us.

Our process, your Generator of Change

Change is hard, it takes energy. Our process allows us to not just build your website, but fully understand your digital needs and chart, design and implement a bold direction forward.

Services driving full-scale digital transformation for your business

Services driving full-scale digital transformation for your business


Digital strategy & consulting

  • Aligning your digital projects with business goals and objectives
  • Identifying challenges and opportunities for digital growth
  • Market research
  • Technology evaluation
  • Brand strategy development

Digital transformation is not just about building that new website or mobile app. What are the main goals for your organization and how can we support them? How do we define and achieve success? How do we validate ideas efficiently and choose the most probable winners? Do we need to develop a new branding strategy to support our efforts?

You know your business best, and we can provide you with insight from 20 years of experience in designing and implementing digital solutions.


User experience design

  • User research
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Usability testing
  • User personas and journeys mapping
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframing & prototyping
  • UX writing & content production

Understanding your customer needs and behavior is essential to amplifying digital potential. Combining quantitative and qualitative research, we identify opportunities that bring real value to your users. Following object-oriented UX methodology, research and business objectives are synthesized into a fully-functional information architecture. Next, interactive high-fidelity prototypes are developed, using an iterative usability testing process and improvements to the user interface (steps, UI patterns and copy).

Our findings will not only help you develop the right way but also make informed decisions on marketing activities and the future of your digital business.


User interface design

  • Branding, identity & art direction
  • Creative, pixel perfect design
  • Animation & motion design
  • Engaging, rich interactions

According to the final prototype, we define the precise design system and interaction design of interface components. We deliver engaging visual solutions that are both inspirational and effective. Mobile first, as well as 'design with accessibility' in mind is at the core of our product design.



  • Tailored web applications that integrate your business processes
  • Effective CMS and eCommerce solutions
  • Mobile applications built with hybrid and native tools
  • Multisite and multi-language websites
  • Integrated architectures that connect all the dots
  • Scalable and secure infrastructure

From the start, Netgen has been built around a core team of technology experts, solving challenging projects with passion.

Types of digital products we usually work on include websites based on Ibexa and Contentful CMS, eCommerce solutions based on Sylius eCommerce platform and web and mobile applications that integrate with different back-end systems.

We value quality of our work, providing QA processes and scalable infrastructures as cornerstones of solutions we ship to our clients.


Support & growth

  • Ongoing technical support and agile development
  • Digital marketing and growth marketing
  • Campaign management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Content strategy aligned with business objectives

Building the digital product is only the start of the journey. We’re in for the long haul.

Our clients combine technical maintenance and continuous development with digital marketing and growth services provided by our customer success team. You take the decisions, we provide data and figure out how to spend your marketing dollars most effectively.

Working side-by-side with your teams

Working side-by-side with your teams
Working side-by-side with your teams
Working side-by-side with your teams

Every company’s structure and culture is different. We start by understanding what makes you tick and apply agile methods that work for you. From lean UX strategy guidance and education, we run design sprints for your teams and assist you in structuring your agile development in Scrum or Kanban.

Michael Jorgensen
Michael Jorgensen
Group Online Manager, Kverneland Group

The Netgen team on our account are brilliant. They are deep into our sites and systems. They “play ball”, when we come with new ideas and projects. Focus is on getting the best out of budgets, matching our setup and business. I almost see our Netgen team as my remote webteam, therefore the “human factor” is important. Netgen have that rare combination of being highly efficient tech savvy good guys.

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For a final product that actually impacts your key metrics

Media & publishing
International organizations
Telecoms: A1 Telecom Croatia
Telecoms: A1 Telecom Croatia

A1 Telecom Croatia

Within weeks of implementation A1 Telecom has been able to register a 95% increase in digital transactions and 32% increase in user sessions.

"During the years, Netgen made a significant impact on our business through understanding our business needs as well as the needs of our users. Their work is always focused on technical implementation that would meet the client’s goals and through all the phases of the project, they’re willing to provide valuable education and support to the client’s in-house team. Finally, what I find as Netgen’s great advantage is their reliability in meeting project goals within the planned time."

Telecoms: A1 Telecom Croatia
Ivan Vučković
Head of Digital Business, A1 Croatia
Media & publishing: Forlagshuset
Media & publishing: Forlagshuset


Since 2016 we’ve implemented and maintained 4 main sites (Haugenbok, Fagbokforlaget, Bladkompaniet, Vigmostadbjorke) running on the same CMS installation (eZ Platform) in 
multi-site mode, all integrated with eCommerce logic: silver.eShop and Visma ERP.

“Netgen’s dedicated developers have been crucial to the success of many of our exciting projects in recent years. They have been closely linked to our internal teams and have been counting as family for some time. We couldn’t have done this without them.”

Media & publishing: Forlagshuset
Erlend Aam
Chief Technical Officer, Forlagshuset
E-commerce: Frydenbø
E-commerce: Frydenbø


Complete business & marketing logic implementation

Besides full scale site development, search and filtering logic implementation, we provided CMS and cloudinary integration, full scale eCommerce logic and ERP platform (eZ Platform + Silver) setup.

The main challenge for us was the development and implementation of https://www.frydenbo-bil.no/ and frydenbo-industri.no. All these projects were built on top of our current stack: eZ Platform with Netgen Admin UI and legacy bridge for the back office, and Netgen Layouts and Site API for the front part.

International organizations: ISSAT
International organizations: ISSAT


A full scale redesign of the existing content-rich website, solving UX/UI problems, as well as problems with content search, browsing, and distribution for improved user experience.

“Netgen’s designers and developers are able to provide the outward simplicity that our users demand, backed by the backend sophistication to meet our in-house requirements. The Netgen team is a joy to work with.”

International organizations: ISSAT
Thammy Evans
Deputy Head, ISSAT

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