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Netgen Layouts enables you to build and manage complex web pages in a simpler way and with less coding

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Netgen Layouts is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

Easy to build. Easier to maintain.

Once the blocks are designed and implemented within Layouts, it becomes easy, even fun, to assemble your web site. Considering frequent changes needed in a long life-cycle of the site, uncomplicated layout and block management become even more important and valuable.

Cut costs, deliver faster

With Layouts, many tasks which usually need developers can be done by site builders and power editors. Rearranging blocks and content of existing pages, creating new pages, showing different layout based on user context, etc. become easy tasks done in minutes.

Open Source and Enterprise

We are strong believers in using and contributing to open-source. It adds to higher software quality, encourages innovation and grows communities. Hence the core and biggest part of Layouts is licensed under MIT and ready to be used in any project.  On the other hand complex web projects (e.g. having high traffic or bigger editorial teams) need special features and support, therefore we offer the Enterprise version under commercial licensing.

Open Core Enterprise
License MIT Netgen Commercial License
Support and access to new versions Community Annual support subscription
(contact us for pricing)
Core features
Add, edit, move and remove blocks inside a layout
Create, edit and remove layouts
Map layout to urls, CMS content, site sections, Symfony routes, etc.
Extend and add new block and layout types
Reuse blocks (Shared Zones)
eZ Platform integration (GPL license)
Sylius integration
Contentful integration
Advanced features
User roles and policy management
Layout mappings groups
Layout preview
Layout translations
Change layout type on existing layout
Manage Varnish cache on block level
Hide blocks and schedule visibility of block items
Restore archived version of a layout
How to evaluate?
We can prepare a demo instance for you Request a demo
You can install it yourself Install instructions Become our partner
to get access to advanced features

In our clients' words

What keeps us busy


Layout mapping groups in version 1.3


Wizard for creating layouts with mappings

  • A quicker way for creating layouts with mappings
  • Several new integrations

More improvements

  • Introducing new features related to blocks: copying, moving and sharing blocks between layouts
  • Introducing blurb blocks: teasers, widgets, images with headings, ... 

Let us know if you have an interesting idea or suggestion!

Find out more about Netgen Layouts

If you'd like to try Layouts or you need more information about the product, let us know.

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