Resources for developers

GitHub repositories

All open source Layouts related repositories are hosted on GitHub. If you encounter any issue or bug, please, submit it to the appropriate repo. Also, if you want to contribute to code, documentation, translations or similar feel free to do so. 


Explore our documentation to find installation and upgrade instructions, cookbooks, code examples and references. We know that documentation is never complete, so we are constantly improving it. Feel free to contribute to the docs repo

Recorded webinars

All our webinars so far are recorded and available on YouTube. Part of them are related to Layouts and recommended to watch.

Getting started

There are several ways how you can start evaluating Layouts. Besides requesting a demo of the Enterprise version, you can at the moment install/integrate the open source version in 6 following ways. 

Netgen Stack for eZ

Create a new project from the demo of our complete stack based on eZ Platform. This is our recommended way of evaluating Layouts as it has usage examples and best practices.

Contentful headless CMS

Create a new project from latest Symfony web site skeleton with integrated Layouts, Contentful integration and Symfony CMF routing. A great example for consuming external API.

Main concepts

  • Layout - a core object that is responsible to render the responsive layout of a page with all Blocks placed in defined zones.

  • Block - a core object that is responsible for handling specific features. 

  • Block Item - an abstracted item coming from a backend system, could be a CMS object, eCommerce product, etc.

  • Block View - a special parameter for Blocks to offer different Twig templates for rendering the Block. 

  • Container (Column, 2 columns, etc) - is a special kind of Block which purpose is to hold other Blocks and render them. 

  • Collection - an object holding Block Items, can be either manual or dynamic. For a manual collection the items are picked from a backend system by the editor. Dynamic collection is filled by a Query but it is still possible to add manual items and mixed them with the fetched items.

  • Query Type - a service that implements fetching data from a local or remote backend system.

Find out more about Netgen Layouts

If you'd like to try Layouts or you need more information about the product, let us know.

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