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Cheers, Netgen turns 18!

Cheers, Netgen turns 18!

Netgen's story began in 2002, when several friends from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing decided to start their own company. Today, there are 25 experts working in the Zagreb office, designing and developing web solutions.

ZgPHP meetup at Netgen

ZgPHP meetup at Netgen

Mario Blažek

Here at Netgen, we are constantly looking for ways to contribute to the community, organizing meetups being one of them. That’s why we were very glad to host #90 ZgPHP meetup two weeks ago.

Documentation matters

The blind spot of development – writing documentation

Mario Blažek

While developers like to write code, we tend to say we'll write the documentation once the project is finished. LeBlanc’s law clearly states: Later equals never. This forces us to act.

We are releasing our Netgen Remote Media for eZ Platform with Cloudinary support

We are releasing our Netgen Remote Media

Ivan Herak

A while ago, our partners at Keyteq decided not to support their own solution for hosting and transforming images anymore and came to us with an interesting idea. We jumped at the opportunity and created a bit more generic solution.

How to start using Netgen Admin UI

How to start using Netgen Admin UI

Ivo Lukač

A lot of existing eZ projects are still using eZ Publish legacy stack. A typical eZ project tends to be big, long living, and complex, so rebuilding everything might not be a viable solution. This is where Netgen Admin UI with the Legacy Bridge comes in handy.

PHPSerbia 2017

PHPSerbia 2017 – my first conference

Randy Čupić

It's been six and a half months since I became a Netgen employee. In this short but productive period, I’ve been involved in many different projects and learned a lot regarding PHP, Symfony, eZ, and other technologies. However, it was time to move away from writing code and give a try to something else – writing my first blog post. Seven of us attended PHPSerbia Conference 2017, which was also my first conference, so I decided to share my impressions.

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