Introducing Netgen variant of eZ Publish Community 2014.11 kernel

von Edi Modrić -

As you probably know, eZ Publish Community 2014.11 is the last stable release of eZ Publish 5 hybrid stack (not counting the enterprise versions, naturally). You also probably know that it is stuck on Symfony 2.5 and is missing some nicer features and bug fixes from the eZ Platform (currently in beta) and eZ Publish Enterprise 5.4.x releases.

An important detail for sure is that eZ Platform officially does not support running eZ Publish legacy bridge (although it is working fine, for now). Since we are using 2014.11 in our current projects and, of course, want the bug fixes from eZ Platform, we decided to fork the kernel in 2014.11 version on GitHub, rename it in Composer and release it publicly so you can use it as well. Currently, only one fix is in place, which allows using Symfony 2.7.x. We tested this setup on a few of our sites and we haven't had any issues.

The general idea of this version is to backport simpler bug fixes (and possibly simpler features) from eZ Platform in order to make the later transition to eZ Platform smoother. Undoubtedly we cannot afford the same level of testing eZ Systems has, but before tagging the new versions of the kernel we will at least make sure that the unit and integration tests pass.

Install it

The repo is renamed in Composer and tagged with version v14.12.0 (all future releases will also have v14.12.x version). v14.12.x was picked to indicate that this is an improvement on top of 2014.11 and a community maintenance release, not a new CMS. This version is also selected so it does not collide with any current eZ Systems versioning schemes (presumably eZ Systems will not tag eZ Publish kernel with version names for December 2014 :) ).

To install it, modify your composer.json file to allow install of Symfony 2.7.x and replace the following line in require section:

"ezsystems/ezpublish-kernel": ">=2014.11"


"netgen/ezpublish-kernel": "~14.12.0"

and run composer update. If you have installed any bundles (and you probably have) which require ezsystems/ezpublish-kernel, those will keep functioning as before, since netgen/ezpublish-kernel package replaces ezsystems/ezpublish-kernel in composer.json.


You are welcome to contribute patches and bug fixes! Please note, however, that the new features that do not already exist in eZ Publish kernel should not be made against this repo, but against the original eZ Systems kernel repo in order for the entire community to benefit :)


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