Going mainstream with PHP and eZ Publish Summer Camp: Call for workshops and sponsors

von Ivo Lukač -

One month ago we announced a double event: the 3rd eZ Publish Summer Camp and the 1st PHP Summer Camp. Today we released some more information on each web site and are calling PHP, Symfony and eZ Publish gurus to send us proposals for workshops. There is an opportunity for interested companies and organisations to sponsor the events as well.

Let me first repeat few facts about the events:

  • Camps will take place at the Hotel Park in Rovinj, Croatia from 3rd to 6th of September 2014
  • There will be 3 days full of workshops in 3 conference rooms
  • Similar to last 2 years, the eZ Publish Summer Camp is focused on delivering great knowhow for eZ Publish CMS, especially version 5
  • The PHP Summer Camp is focused on delivering cutting edge PHP experience, especially about Symfony 2 framework
  • Face time with PHP, Symfony and eZ gurus
  • Lunch and coffee breaks every day
  • Suggested afternoon leisure activities
  • Few parties 
  • Boat trip on Saturday for relaxing after 3 days of hard learning
  • Tickets will be valid for both events to mix the knowledge and experience between communities

With the camp format we want to give the opportunity to developers to learn as much as possible. Our camp format dedicates 95% of time for workshops, with just a few unconference style sessions. Workshops are driven by the expertise of the speaker, so we try to bring the best gurus possible, people like Ryan Weaver, Bernhard Schussek or Derick Rethans. If you think you can share some useful examples, first hand experience or even hands on practice submit a proposal (call open till May 12th)!

So far we are covering following topics: Symfony basics, Symfony CMF, Symfony Forms, Sylius, PHPCR, MongoDB with PHP, Behat, PHPSpec and various eZ Publish 5 basic and advanced topics.

So far dedicated sponsors are eZ Systems, KNP Labs, ETECTURE, CJW Network and Locastic. Many thanks to them for making these events possible. We call other companies which are interested in PHP, Symfony or eZ Publish to support us by making this event even better. There are 3 levels of sponsorships, please contact us to get more details. 

Rough program, super early bird tickets and travel/booking info will come next, sooner than you think :)


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