eZ Publish Summer Camp - behind the scenes

von Ivo Lukač -

It was late November. My colleague Vjeran and me were driving to our second office (in Osijek). Driving for few hours on a highway is an excellent opportunity to brainstorm. It is usually hard to find time to discuss some ideas as you always have some better things to do. So we brainstormed so intensely that we missed the turn and lost 20 minutes going around :) 

Anyway, one of the ideas was to do a summer camp on eZ Publish topics in Croatia. 


Why not!?

When I look back more than 6 months passed and feels like we are still at the beginning. Only few days ago we started to sell tickets. We already did a huge amount of work, but still there is more things to do. We:

But we still need to:

  • do some marketing and fill the seats
  • prepare the workshops
  • prepare the virtual machines with eZ installed
  • prepare all the extras like boat trip
  • get everyone safely to Bol
  • survive that 4 days of learn & fun
  • get everyone safely home
  • collect feedback
  • start to brainstorm again for next year

It is our first year, lot of things is still unknown, there are big challenges ahead but we are nevertheless going to do it.


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