eZ Publish Summer Camp 2012 registrations open!

We are proud to announce that the registrations for the eZ Publish Summer Camp 2012 are open!

eZ Publish Summer Camp is a 3-day international event with developer-oriented workshops, organized by Netgen. It will be held in Bol, Croatia on September 5-8 this year. The main topic of all workshops is eZ Publish CMS. The beginners will have an opportunity to learn to build a website in 3 days using eZ Publish CMS and the advanced users will get a preview into eZ Publish 5 features (planned released in October).

In short 

  • 3 days of eZ experience
  • 1 track for eZ beginners
  • 2 tracks for eZ experienced developers
  • Face-time with eZ Publish "Skippers"
  • eZ Publish 4.7 Certification
  • Boat trip


The workshops are split into 2 main parts:

  • 1 track for eZ beginners - fast development kick-off targeting eZ beginners (general knowledge of web development is necessary to keep track). There will be only one topic during the 3 days: how to create a simple eZ website. During that workshop, all core eZ concepts will be explained in theory and shown in practice.
  • 2 track for eZ developers - 10+ interesting topics targeting all experienced eZ developers. There will be 2 topics on each track every day and attendees will be able to choose the track of their interest. One track will be focused more on the CMS-level features and the other track will be more focused on the PHP-level features.  

Complete information about workshops can be found in the program

Registration prices

The regular fee is 400€, with Early Bird price set to 330€, valid until June 15.


eZ 4.7 certification organized by eZ Systems is included in the fee.  


The companies which are sponsoring the event:

  • eZ Systems from Norway (main sponsor)
  • Etecture from Germany (sponsor)
  • OpenContent (sponsor)
  • Kaliop from France (speaker sponsor)
  • Novactive from France (speaker sponsor)

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