Why should you (still) be working at Netgen?

von Igor Vrdoljak -

I just ran across a decade-old post and, with Netgen's 20th anniversary getting closer, it seemed like a good opportunity to ponder, and try to answer that same question. Why should you choose to work at Netgen in 2022?

Well, here goes...

The no-A team

If anything, I would put working with the Netgen crew on top of the list. Not only from a technical proficiency perspective - which is top-class - but also because of the relationships you can forge. Internal support, providing a helping hand and having each other's back are part of our culture, things we safeguard as the cornerstones of the Netgen way. With so many talented and hard working people around it could easily become a clash of egos, so we are very serious about the “no a-holes rule” when it comes to teamwork. There are plenty of cringy things you can put here, but in the end I do believe the only way we succeed is by uplifting each other.

Generating change

Netgen works with a wide variety of clients, and on our most successful projects the ingredient we cherish most is the opportunity to make a difference. Whether it is doubling online sales transactions for a major Croatian telecom or providing crucial support for a leading medical organization during the pandemic, we want to be able to influence and propel our clients forward. It could mean developing a brand new digital product, transforming a previously closed service to a fully online one, or adjusting the business model to adhere to online behaviors of Gen Z, the field is wide. What is important is that the service we provide has a real effect on the clients we serve.

Growth and learning

Growth can be a bit overused these days, with a pressure to accelerate - well, everything - to a breakneck pace. That said, everything healthy needs to grow. Not to grow just wildly, in size and numbers, but to grow in depth, a qualitative, quality kind of growth. As in all design and development shops, Netgen's value overwhelmingly depends on its teams and employees, so we put a ton of effort into bettering ourselves. Certifications, internal and external education and the so-called “Level Up” program for all Netgen employees are some of the tools we are using to stay focused on raising our knowledge and competency levels.

Finding the balance

It doesn’t have to be crazy at work. That is the name of a pretty good book, but also a golden rule to build company culture on. 40 hours per week is a lot, and we do take it seriously when planning our sprints and marathons. Sure, there will be times when an extra effort is needed, but these shouldn’t be the norm. However, balance does mean different things to different people. Some like to push a bit harder over the week and take Fridays slow, there are night birds and early risers, but in the end most people want to live fulfilled lives, and that does mean also having enough time to do other things, spend time with family. You know, not work.

Pay and Benefits

I was tempted to put this one closer to the top, but in the end these are not key differentiators for Netgen. Like most good companies in the current job market, Netgen offers competitive pay, and a set of benefits such as flexible work time and hybrid work options, hardware of choice, free drinks and coffee. We also provide discounted gym memberships and free supplemental health insurance. Mens sana in corpore sano! But yeah, we all know it’s not about that.

At the end our mission from the first days of Netgen in 2002 remains the same. Do great and meaningful work, create digital experiences that benefit our clients but always in the company of great and talented people that enforce and support each other. Given a 24-hour time span of any given day, and a necessary (!?) 8 hour sleep, your work will take up to half of your awake time. To spend it in such an environment seems like a good investment.

If you agree, we are an email away ;-)


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