The eZ Publish Show #24: Externalising the legacy code

von Ivo Lukač -

As mentioned in the post on, I invited eZ Engineering team to The eZ Publish Show so they can give some more details on the last developments with the eZ Platform. Bertrand Dunogier, one of the team members, joined the Hangout. He talked about how they achieved legacy code externalization, and he also gave some more info about the new installer. 

A few conclusions from the show:

  • Externalizing the legacy code was actually a very small step, simple to make, due to the Composer capabilities. Obviously, a huge amount of work had been done before having the legacy code in separate bundles, etc.
  • The new installer was built to offer the installation of eZ without the legacy installer. The new installer is shell-based and very simple at the moment. An installer UI might be implemented in the future.
  • It is possible to install and use the new eZ Platform Alpha version with legacy completely out of the way, but it is still used just for testing. Some major features are missing, like search and administration. 
  • Once the new Platform UI supports all the necessary features (like content type management, etc.), the legacy code will really start to be optional.
  • The legacy code will still be usable, as there will not be any BC breaks for a while. Naturally, the completely new features built on the new stack might not be supported in legacy.

You can watch the recorded show here or on our podcast. Unfortunately, recording is not that good. For some unknown reason, parts were cut out during automatic transfer from Google+ to YouTube :( Hope you still find some useful information in it!


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