The eZ Publish Show #23: Chunky Content

von Ivo Lukač -

I had a very special guest this week in the latest episode of The eZ Publish Show. Karen McGrane, one of the thought leaders in the content strategy domain, joined the hangout. She regularly holds lectures at the conferences and her latest book is “Content strategy for mobile”, really a star in the content field :). It was also great having my colleague Igor Vrdoljak on the hangout as he is very passionate about all things related to content. Read on.

Check out his latest blog post about the structured body field.

The topic was an important one. In every content-centered project (most of our project are such) it is vital to get the content model and the content governance right from the start. It can save a lot of time later on. It can also enable an easier usage and simpler integration of content. This is actually less of a technical question (a solid CMS like eZ Publish offers various possibilities in that regard) and more of a strategy issue.

Do content creators understand the process of breaking content into chunks and why it is important? The CMS integrators can help them by setting the adequate content types (I call this static content chunking) so the creators just need to fill in the form. But it gets more complicated with ad-hoc chunking of inherently unstructured content, like the big news articles with lots of side content. The editorial interfaces could simplify the content management further (we hope the eZ Platform’s new UI will do that after it is released during this year) but it still requires some thinking by the creator.

Here at Netgen we think there is a lot more to innovate in this field. The battle has started, and we are in the middle of melee :)

We are planning on having some new tools soon to help us win the war!

Anyway, watch the recorded show, there are some great conclusions in there.

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