The eZ Publish Show #21: eZ Publish version 5.4 and beyond

von Ivo Lukač -

Yesterday I had a great chat with Roland Benedetti, eZ Systems CPMO and André Rømcke, eZ Systems lead engineer, about  the latest eZ Publish version 5.4 and what is coming next. We had no network issues this time, but some problems with focus at the beginning. It was Angry Che's fault ;) 

Anyway, watch the video, there are some interesting insights about upcoming eZ Platform (aka version 6.0 with no legacy included) and eZ Studio (enterprise oriented add-on). 

Few things to note for future releases:

  • There will not be separate Enterprise and Community Edition code base. There will still be two code bases but separated by different axis: the eZ Platform (kernel, demo bundle, basis UI, etc. under GPL) and the eZ Studio (advanced UI for Enterprise customers under BUL)  
  • eZ Platform will have 2 month release cycle with one main LTS version per year
  • eZ Studio will follow similar release cycle
  • First version of eZ Platform (only new stack, no legacy) should be released before summer
  • There will be an option to pull the legacy kernel to eZ Platform which will probably work until new SQL storage arrives, but will not be supported by eZ Systems
  • Last eZ Publish 5 version will get some minor version updates a long the way too
  • Biggest challenges for first eZ Platform releases is the new editor interface (Platform UI) which is being worked on for some time
  • Some features like info collectors or shop will not be implemented, at least not in the first Platform versions

Enjoy the show!


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