The eZ Publish Show #20: Is Sylius the base for the new eZ eCommerce solution?

von Ivo Lukač -

Yesterday I had a great discussion with Paweł Jędrzejewski about Sylius and would it be a good choice as a base for eZ eCommerce solution. After 30 minutes he lost the internet connection, the discussion was abruptly finished but it was near to end anyway. Hope the recorded video will still be interesting.

But to answer the question from the title, in short: YES!

You can trust me or watch the video and do your own research, but I am convinced that Sylius is a very good option at the moment. It might not be the only option in the long run, of course, but it will be a very strong one.

Takeaways from the discussion 

  • Sylius is a Symfony based eCommerce solution with a growing and active community of developers and contributors
  • Its main advantage, besides being based on a great framework, is the non-monolithic architecture. All main features are developed as independent components that are not even Symfony dependent. All of them have an additional bundle to integrate it together in a standalone Symfony app with frontend and backend interface
  • Pawel founded Lakion to offer professional services around the product which is purely open source
  • Altough used heavily in production for some time now its still in pre-alpha state mostly because of some important features (like multi store) not being finished yet. And documentation is not ready yet, of course :) Rough roadmap is to reach 1.0 beta next year.
  • Sylius is a natural fit for eZ Publish, and this is not a theory any more. Netgen together with Locastic and the project lead Keyteq are working on a project were we managed to install Sylius on top of eZ and implemented an eZ field type which glues eZ product object with the Sylius product. We are eager to share this with the community once we are happy with how it performs in real life :)

Like I said in the end of the show, typical eCommerce solution handle physical goods end are not very well integrated with CMS. A deeply integrated combination of powerful CMS and eCommerce would bring something new to the market, especially for use case where goods are virtual.

We will see what will future bring.

In the meanwhile enjoy the show :)


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