Summer Camp Super Early Bird Gets the Best Price!

von Maja Nebes -
Super Early Bird Gets The Best Price

You already have the most important information about Netgen’s eZ Publish & PHP Summer Camp, and you know what to expect once you get there, but the answer to how to get there is finally here - Super Early Bird tickets have arrived!

Finally comes that time of the year - Super-Early-Bird-Summer-Camp-tickets time! I must admit I am particularly excited - this is to be my first Summer Camp, and already I am helping with organization, preparation, planning, and marketing. I know it might sound dull to the developers, but it is a whole new world to me ;) There are so many things to do and think about (hopefully I will not be bringing a bathing suit in vain :))

Speakers & topics

First, we can talk about the new things. This year we added the official Call for Speakers and Call for Sponsors, where we presented the benefits one would have by becoming a part of our learning & fun experience.

Call for Speakers ended on May 1. We received 22 applications for the Summer Camp, with topics varying from monitoring with Arduino to responsive images. As for now, we have some general topics confirmed.

PHP Summer Camp:

  • Deep insights into object-oriented programming with Symfony
  • Managing assets with Puli  
  • HTTP caching with Varnish
  • Rapid API development with Lionframe
  • Modeling by example
  • Profiling PHP applications
  • Migrating to Symfony 3.0

eZ Summer Camp:

  • Extending the eZ Platform/Studio UI
  • Using Sylius e-commerce solution as eZ Shop
  • Netgen's eZ distribution
  • Starting with eZ Platform

Our confirmed speakers so far are a great mix of the leading developers in the domain. This year Bertrand Dunogier, Jérôme Vieilledent, and our own Ivo Lukač will talk about the eZ Publish CMS and the new and upcoming eZ Platform CMS while Ryan Weaver, Pawel Jedrzejewski, Bernhard Schussek, Michał Marcinkowski, Saša Stamenković, Nicolas Grekas, and David Buchmann will talk about Symfony2 framework and PHP. We are looking forward to adding more speakers and topics after we go through all the applications!

We can guarantee you that the (hands-on) workshops will be given on the newest developments in the field, providing useful examples and first-hand experience. Some deep technical issues to be discussed, be very afraid! :)


We already have more than a few sponsors :) Our multi-annual partner eZ Systems is once again our Gold Sponsor. We are happy to have been working with them closely and prosperously for years. We are also thankful to our international partners Keyteq and Prime for being our Silver Sponsors, and supporting our work in this way as well. Special thanks to our Silver Sponsors CJW Network and ETECTURE for showing their support by sponsoring us ever since the first eZ Publish Summer Camp in 2012. We are also proud of our Bronze Sponsors: KnpUniversity, Blackfire, and JetBrains. Thank you all!

If you want to become our Gold, Silver, or Bronze Sponsor and become a part of our truly amazing Summer Camp experience, it is never too late to show us your support, whether you are interested in the eZ Publish and the upcoming eZ Platform, or PHP and Symfony2 topics.

Where, when & how

Since we decided on staying in the beautiful town of Rovinj, our venue remains Hotel Park. Don’t worry about how to get to there or where to stay - we prepared some basic information on travel and accommodation for you, same as every year.

As for Summer Camp extracurricular activities, one thing will definitely bring a smile to your face - Post-Camp Boat Trip is on! We also have some morning workouts and evening hangouts planned, as well as wine tasting in the wonderful surroundings of the Kantinon Tavern. Stay tuned for more exciting news!


(suspenseful music)

We are finally getting to the most important thing: Super Early Bird tickets are (finally) available! We’ve just released a limited number of tickets for a great price of 355 EUR (VAT included). Don’t miss out this year, because we are planning on having the best one yet :)

The price includes:

  • 3 full days of hands-on workshops on PHP, Symfony2 and eZ Publish/eZ Platform topics
  • un-conference styled session
  • plenty of leisure activities
  • boat trip
  • wine tasting
  • lunch every day

Tempting, right? ;)

For those of you whose bosses haven’t made up their minds about letting you come yet, we’ve assembled together all the reasons that could convince them :)

Also, be sure to check out our new dress code, completely summer styled :)

If there are any additional questions for us, feel free to contact us via Facebook, Twitter, or our contact form. You can also follow us on our LinkedIn profile.


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