PHP / eZ Publish Summer Camp 2014 - latest insights

von Ivo Lukač -

With less than 2 weeks till both PHP Summer Camp and eZ Publish Summer Camp its time to share whats currently going on with preparations and reveal few more interesting facts.

After we announced the double event six months ago there was a lot of work to gather great speakers and workshops, to inform the audience about those workshops and about the great venue. Although late tickets are still available, the focus now is to finish the preparations so we can offer a great "learn and fun" experience for all attendees.

The program is completed recently. We will update it with detail time schedule in couple of days. This year we will try even more to fill the day with great workshops but also some fun and leisure sessions to compensate.

Day 1

On the first day there will be stuff for beginners (Symfony and Silex), some interesting topics for advanced developers and the whole day for eZ developers with legacy experience. 

After workshops there will be a chance for brave attendees to demo some code or solution in few minutes at the PLUS Challenge. Winner voted best from the audience gets a virtual server for a year :) 

Before well reserved dinner, the ETECTURE Cocktail Party will offer us all some refreshments after a long day. 

Day 2

On the second day beginners should take eZ related workshops, others can choose between BDD and Symfony Forms.

After workshops a fun session called Celebrity Debate will start. I will still not uncover much about it but there will be 2 celebrities discussing some important developers issues and audience will have the opportunity to joins the discussion. Should be fun :)

We suggest some recreation before dinner: either swimming or taking a tour with rented bike. 

Day 3

On the third day there will be a mix of intermediate and advanced workshops on various topics. I am sure people will figure out by then what fits the best for their experience level

After workshops  we will offer even better chance to discuss open topics directly with the gurus. There will be a round table session with several tables, each with dedicated guru and a defined topic.

The closing session will be held at a Mexican restaurant later that evening. We will raffle some prizes like every year and, who knows, maybe sing some Mariachi karaoke. Before the dinner there will be some time for sightseeing. 

Day 4

Saturday morning we will gather at the pier and take a relaxing boat trip. There will be an unofficial  farewell gathering in the evening for all that prevailed. 

Unfortunately no scuba track this year, there was no suitable option available to organise it :(


As communicated before 2 main technologies we focus on are Symfony and eZ Publish, both based on PHP. On why should someone consider learning eZ Publish I wrote recently, and why Symfony is becoming a common ground for PHP developers I also wrote recently. There is plenty of hands-on workshops during the camp to learn about both. 


Like any similar event we offer enough opportunities to network. Its a developer event so you don't network for getting new leads, you mingle to get some knowhow and experience. 

And note, special opportunity opens for cross-community knowledge transfer.


To conclude this post, special thanks to all speakers who are now preparing the workshops and to all sponsors who contributed, especially to eZ Systems, our Gold sponsors

And, of course, thanks to all Netgen and Salsa Adria Productions colleagues who are designing, organising, building appliances, communicating, ordering, developing, promoting, advising, answering, tweeting, writing, etc.


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