Netgen won MIXX awards in the Best Website category!

von Dea Matijanić -

We are excited to announce that our redesign of the A1 website was awarded at the MIXX Awards Croatia 2024 ceremony, held during the DK Festival in Rovinj. The awards are given under the IAB's international license for the best digital achievements. The competition recognizes creativity, strategy, performance, use of media, and results achieved across various categories. Our project received the award in the Best Website category.

a1 mixx

The project was executed in cooperation with Locastic, Human Interaction, OptimIT & Croz for our client A1 Hrvatska. We are delighted that we could share this wonderful experience with our associates.

The primary goals for the project were to enhance the user experience, increase online sales, and fully automate the service ordering process. Faced with the challenge of increasing the share of online orders by 20%, we minimized administrative overhead and simplified the process, especially for complex telecom services, which users often prefer to handle in person.

Launched in August 2023, the redesign significantly improved sales outcomes. These are the measurable results we accomplished by the end of the year:

  • Internet service sales had increased by 115%
  • TV service sales surged by 264% 
  • The introduction of visible personalized pricing from the outset led to a 23% rise in conversion rates for mobile users renewing contracts.

Also, in our effort to simplify the contracting process for users, we are always seeking new and creative solutions. The project set new standards in the telecom industry by introducing the region's first automated process for ordering fixed services and implementing cutting-edge payment options like RevolutPay.

Although the journey to this point has been months in the making, with each phase presenting its unique challenges and accomplishments, the main points and highlights are captured in this three-minute video. This accolade is not just a testament to our dedication and hard work but also an encouragement to continue pushing the boundaries of digital innovation.


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