Netgen on tour: Fall 2018

Netgen on Tour: Fall 2018

After another successful Web Summer Camp, it is time to pack our laptops and continue with learning this conference season. Find out where you can meet us in the coming weeks.

We start off with WebCamp Zagreb,  a technology-oriented conference for developers and designers, whose proud sponsors we are for yet another year. If you are in Zagreb on October 5-6, do not miss the opportunity to hear excellent web talks given by skilful speakers.

On November 5-8 we are going to be in beautiful Lisbon for Web Summit, Europe’s largest technology marketplace. Be sure to find our team at one of 24 amazing tracks (hint: we will be wearing ocean blue T-shirts) for a chat about Netgen Layouts and all things tech-related.

Aarhus, Denmark is going to be our next stop, where Boye & Company Product Management Group and CMS Expert Group are going to be held on November 5-6. These events offer a perfect setting for meeting, providing feedback, and sharing thoughts and ideas.

Seems like Lisbon is the place to be this fall – our backend devs are going to be there on December 6-8 for the sixth edition of SymfonyCon, the international conference dedicated to our favourite PHP framework, Symfony.

Looking forward to seeing you this fall!

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