Why Web Summer Camp of all events?

von Ivo Lukač , Maja Nebes -
Why Web Summer Camp of all events?

Today, knowledge is at our fingertips and educational programs are available online. Yet, we prefer going to conferences to learn from our peers. The question arises: how to estimate the benefit of a conference?

We live in a time where knowledge is at our fingertips and educational programs from all disciplines are available online. Yet, people are people and most of us like to communicate in person. We still prefer going to conferences, meetups, and similar events where we can learn from our peers.

Since it is not possible to go to every conference that sounds interesting, you need to pick the ones that are the most valuable to you and your company. The question arises: how to estimate the value you get from a conference?

What makes a good conference?

A good conference creates an environment where all participants and speakers feel comfortable to share their knowledge. What is important in this prospect is having a good focus on relevant topics and giving opportunities to go deeper into the topic than what day-to-day googling can offer.

Harry Roberts holding a workshop at Web Summer Camp 2018

Harry Roberts holding a workshop at Web Summer Camp 2018

A good conference secures the presence of thought leaders as speakers, discussion leaders, or moderators. A thought leader does not have to be a rock star, but simply someone who has deep knowledge and experience on the topic, knows how to share it and ignite the discussion and networking.

A good conference offers adequate time for socializing with speakers and other participants out of which business opportunities may arise and new friendships can emerge. An overcrowded schedule with too many speakers, not enough QA time, and short breaks might lead to the conference participants not engaging thoroughly. They could just stay at home and watch video materials on YouTube instead.

Hanging out during welcome drinks at Web Summer Camp 2018

Hanging out during welcome drinks at Web Summer Camp 2018

In conclusion: the value of the conference is measured by the acquired knowledge and experience that you cannot get online.

Matching theory and practice at Web Summer Camp

All the above-mentioned is what we try to practice and improve at Web Summer Camp every year. Year after year we are encouraged by the participant feedback that we are on the right track.

As has been our custom for a few years now, we sent out questionnaires regarding their experience at Web Summer Camp. All of the participants who filled out the questionnaire said they would recommend our event and none said they would not come back. We are also proud of the fact that 40% of the participants are returnees while 35% heard about the event from a friend.

One of the things that makes our event stand out is the fact that, for 7 years now, we only have workshops, giving the participants in-depth knowledge and hands-on approach. This year, we had workshops on 5 main topics: PHP, eZ Platform, JavaScript, UX, and Business. The quality of the workshops is improving as well. This year, the average rate of all workshops was 4.48 – an incredible figure.

The other noticeable thing is the Companion track which offers every participant a chance to extend their business trip to a vacation with their companions.

Companions at Web Summer Camp 2018

Companions at Web Summer Camp 2018

We are also delighted to see participants coming from all over the world – 20 countries this year – and from various companies, from web agencies over telecoms to giants like Nintendo and Google.

The cherry on top is definitely people describing the event as one of the best and the most unique events in which they have ever participated, with the most interesting one claiming that Web Summer Camp should be a model for other conferences.

All that is also made possible by our amazing sponsors, especially our Platinum Sponsors: Amazon Web Services and our long time supporter eZ Systems.

We will continue to give our best and constantly improve Web Summer Camp through new ideas and your feedback. So, see you in 2019?

Web Summer Camp 2018 participants

Web Summer Camp 2018 participants

Stay tuned

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