Netgen Layouts Tutorial Now Live on SymfonyCasts

We’re delighted to announce that the full Netgen Layouts tutorial is now available on SymfonyCasts for your viewing pleasure, teaching you all you need to know to install Layouts into an existing Symfony app.

Netgen Layouts helps content managers and web editors easily build, manage and maintain complex websites. Before you dive into the tutorial, feel free to take our product tour.

Created by Ryan Weaver, a Symfony docs lead, writer at SymfonyCasts and a leading Symfony evangelist, the tutorial is primarily aimed at web developers or content managers and teaches how to easily rearrange your pages and mix in dynamic content via an admin area.

“Layouts are fun: adding a new level of flexibility without changing how you build your app.” - Ryan Weaver, who we actually interviewed ages ago.

Think of it like this - it’s your Symfony app & Twig templates aided by the power of a CMS tacked into the side. All this is done seamlessly, without "taking over" your app or limiting you in any way. 

Learn to quickly:

  • Install & Set up Layouts
  • Map a "Layout" to existing pages
  • Include your existing Twig blocks in your layout
  • Add custom "value types" and "query types" so you can embed grids/lists of the custom content from your app
  • Customize "item views": the templates used in grids/lists
  • Create a "content browser" to manually select content from your app
  • Pull content from a CMS - Contentful for our example
  • To powerfully and simply override templates with Theming! 
  • Customize how a block renders with Block Views
  • Add custom options to every block in the system with Block Plugins

Check out Ryan's excellent tutorial right here

If you want to learn even more about Layouts, simply drop us a line, we'll be happy to hear from you.

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