Netgen and Locastic won SoMo Borac

von Katarina Barišić -

For the 7th time in a row, the ceremony of SoMo Borac awards was held in the largest hall of Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj. SoMo Borac recognizes the best digital work in the region and decisions on who has excelled are made by a jury of experts from top regional agencies. 

This year, among 130 candidates the jury has selected 27 finalists distributed in 9 categories. Our redesign of the Tomato website was recognized as the best website of the year and brought us #somoweb award. 


The project was executed in cooperation with Locastic and OptimIT for our client A1 Hrvatska. The main goal was to increase user engagement and make the customer processes – such as becoming a new customer, changing postpaid or prepaid tariffs and moving from another network to Tomato – seamless and more intuitive

Considering the numbers, the goals were met:

  • 6% e-commerce conversion rate
  • 19% growth in website users
  • 31% gain in mobile visits
  • 95% rise in sales
  • 160% increase in mobile sales

While our tech stack and expertise is being awarded for years, it's great to see that our UX work is delivering excellent results and being recognized by the experts.

The main points of the project and stunning results that it delivered are presented in this 3-minutes long video.

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