Clutch: Netgen a Top Game-changing Web Designer in Croatia

von Mislav Jantoljak -

According to Clutch, Netgen ranks among the top game-changing web designers in Croatia, managing to earn this ranking because of the lasting trust shown by our clients.

Here at Netgen, we create stunning solutions and products that elevate your customer experience and business results. Whether it’s a complex digital web solution or a technical implementation, we’re a team that’s always ready to take on whatever challenges to help our clients in need.

As part of our efforts to scale and reach more businesses, we’ve aimed to establish ourselves as a trusted partner on Clutch, a B2B review and rating website from Washington DC. The site is designed to connect companies from all over the world with reliable service providers. The platform is also known as the go-to resource for anything related to IT, design, marketing, and business services.

As always, we’re extremely grateful for all the confidence and support our clients have shared in the generous reviews that helped us achieve this result.

“From a product owner’s perspective, I'm impressed with their ability to find solutions, take responsibility, and smoothly work alongside our people despite us working in different places, both geographically and culturally.”Head of E-Commerce, Forlagshuset Vigmostad & Bjørke

Check out all the Clutch reviews or view our work. On behalf of the entire Netgen team, thank you so much for believing in us.

"Netgen has shown throughout the years that they are committed to delivering high-quality work to their clients. Recognizing them as a game changer in their industry is just one way our team can showcase their achievements."Anna Peck, Senior SEO Specialist, Clutch

If you’re looking for a reliable partner that delivers exceptional experiences and results, look no further and build remarkable web solutions to elevate your customer experience with Netgen.

Connect with us right away and let us know what you need. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


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