Announcing Web Summer Camp 2017! Speakers Wanted

von Maja Nebes -
Announcing Web Summer Camp 2017, Speakers Wanted!

We at Netgen and Salsa Adria Productions are ready for another #websc adventure, are you? :) The website is out, we know the time and the place, and are looking for speakers and sponsors. We've also released all 2016 PHP and eZ Publish workshop videos, check them out!

Staying where it feels good

Your answers to the questionnaire were leading us in deciding on the time and place. Since you loved Rovinj and were delighted with Lone Hotel, there was no doubt that we should stay in that wonderful town and the venue for another year.

Lone Hotel

As for the dates, it was important to us that we use up those last days of summer for our workshop and outdoor activities. We think 30th August to 2nd September 2017 are the perfect dates and look forward to seeing you!

Looking for speakers and sponsors

We’ve caught a good rhythm and are officially opening Call for Papers for Web Summer Camp 2017!

The general topics for #websc 2017 have not been set yet, but our areas of interest include PHP, eZ Publish / eZ Platform, Symfony, JavaScript, React / React native, user experience, user research, information architecture, design systems, CSS, project management.

If one of those subjects has hit the spot and you have a workshop in mind, send us your idea by 31st March 2017! We will be filling the program and defining the topics along the way, don’t wait until the last day to apply. :)

Shortest Keynote Ever by Janus Boye

We prepared two nice speaker packages for you and also encourage your company or an interested party to sponsor you!

Over the years, we have had a good wind at our back provided by our amazing sponsors and supporters. This year that could be you! We have four sponsorship packages, it’s easy to find one which fits you best.

Releasing the #websc 2016 workshop videos

Holidays come early this year. :) All workshop videos from PHP & eZ Publish topics have been released!

The videos can be found on YouTube and the 2016 website. All workshops that needed setting up a developer environment have the instructions how to do it and download links.

The Design workshops have some new photos attached that will bring the great atmosphere closer to you.

#PHP workshops


#eZ Publish workshops

Staying in touch

You’ll be able to find all new info on the Camp's 2017 website. For regular updates, sign up for the newsletter, and you can also follow all news on Facebook and Twitter. If you prefer photo stories, #websc Instagram is the right place for you.

Stay tuned and see you in Rovinj, Croatia on August 30 - September 2, 2017!


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