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Universal JS web applications with React, by L. Mammino

Recorded @ Web Summer Camp 2017

Since we started seeing JS on the server side, the developers' dream has been to reduce the gap and the cost of switch between frontend and backend. Today with Node.js, React, and a whole ecosystem of tools, this dream is becoming true!

In this workshop, Luciano is going to discuss Universal (a.k.a. Isomorphic) JS and present some practical examples regarding the major patterns related to routing, data retrieval, and rendering. He will use Node, React, webpack, Babel, and React Router, and give you a series of examples to get you started easily with this new technology trend.

They came for the offline-first, but stayed for the performance, by J. Lengstorf

Recorded @ Web Summer Camp 2017

There's a big push for offline-first development, with a new buzzword — "Progressive Web App", or PWA — making the rounds for the last year or two. But a lot of what's being said sounds like the coding equivalent of "eat your vegetables!" What's in it for ME? Quite a bit, it turns out. In this talk, Jason will share the surprising ways online apps will see huge benefits when they're built to support offline users.

Learn how to ace the Lighthouse test with just a few simple changes and how you can easily create offline-first apps with just a few lines of code; also how going offline-first will improve the connected experience, including better performance, increased stability and reliability, improved user experience, and more!

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