Why you should be a web developer / designer (working at Netgen)

von Igor Vrdoljak -

I love working on web projects and I love working at Netgen. And here are a few reasons why I think that you could also love web work (and possibly consider working at Netgen, as we are always looking for quality people).


We at Netgen do “web stuff”. It is a quite broad field of work, so much that we had to have multi day conversations just to put online our “what we do” page. Working in a web agency gives one a rare occasion to be involved in such wide range of activities that anyone who wants to have a career out of it can really pick and choose. Starting from analysts figuring out client's business priorities and needs, through designers working on ideas and visual designs and finally developers materialising the solution in code and working website, every project is a different journey. And in Netgen, we all like travelling. 

Solving problems

Whenever we are called (and paid) to do work, we are solving someones problem. Sometimes it is a new site that helps a great company to present itself and make connection to clients, sometimes it is a mind boggling technical problem that has been a stone in someones shoe for a long time. Whatever you do in Netgen, there is a good chance that someone will be very grateful in the end. And usually, the most rewarding part of project is the recognition that you get for making that difference in someones business (or life in general).


Given a 24hour time span of a day, and a necessary 8 (humm...) hour sleep, your work will take up to half of your conscious time. And for me, there would be nothing worse than spending it in a dull and uninspiring place. Putting aside occasional paperwork that is still a part of every company existence, most of the work we do demands a creative approach. Either while drawing sketches on paper, coding HTML / PHP or pixel pushing in Photoshop, every day brings new and different kinds of challenges that need to be overcome. Good!


On a smaller scale it is the people that share the office with you. On the large scale it is the people that use eZ Publish or general web development / web design community. In each case it is great to belong to a group that has such a culture of sharing and recognizing the quality of other people work. In Netgen, we want to have a sense of belonging and comradeship both internally in the company, and when being involved in broader community. That is why we are actively sharing our work and working on initiatives that strengthen the ties between companies and individuals. Join in!


At the end, it all falls back to passion. Just take a look around and you will find great examples of people or businesses that flourish on making their everyday work their passion too. Globally, there are PR / social media gurus like Gary Vaynerchuck, developers like Jon Skeet or designers like Paul Boag. More close to you, it could be that CSS or PHP wizard that spends that extra hour to make his work the best it can be. The passion always shines through, and in Netgen we are very serious about our work. 

If you feel the same about developing or/and designing for the web, and are looking a place to make your fun your daily bread, give us a call. 

You know we will be excited to talk! 

Photo credit: Designed by Freepik


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