Web Summer Camp — It’s all about learning from your peers

von Ivo Lukač -

Ever since we started this event in 2012, the main concept hasn’t changed: hands-on workshops held by experts in a relaxing environment, a chance to go deeper with a topic than you can in a regular conference. Here’s a short review of this year’s program.

Combine this with a splendid summer venue and then you get Web Summer Camp. While track topics and the location varied during the years, the essence of the event remained. 

Here’s a short review of this year’s program.

Program in 4 tracks

Development tracks: Javascript and PHP remained. Last year the participants' feedback was to include more serverless and AI, so this year Javascript track focuses on the mentioned, while PHP track focuses on best programming practices and tools.

Our original focus on eZ has ended as we replaced it with a more generic Symfony track. This is mostly due to struggling in finding people to hold solid workshops on that topic in the past few years. Symfony track focuses on cool things coming, new and old, from Panther to DIC, from Messenger to Forms. 

After a few years of UX track, we decided to freshen up the program with a Project Management track. So from now on, we’ll alternate PM track and UX track each year. The PM track is a mixture of topics all intended to help participants improve their project management skills. 

Check the full program: 2019.websummercamp.com/#program 

Harry Roberts
UX track

Dive in

Web Summer Camp is not just about workshops, although they are the core part. We also provide the opportunity to mingle and exchange experience with your peers. Apart from workshops, a typical day includes:

  • Morning recreation (swimming, running, etc.)
  • 3 coffee breaks during the day
  • Lunch at the venue
  • Post-workshop social session (round tables, unconference)
  • Dinner

All of the above is included in the ticket price, including the relaxing outing on the last day. 

Plus, don’t forget that we have a companion ticket as well, which includes pretty much the same, just offers some interesting activities instead of workshops.



Grab the early bird, there are very few left.


We couldn’t run this event for years without the support of our sponsors, many of them being with us for years. On Web Summer Camp 2019 we have:

Thank you all, you are the best!


Want to combine a week of learning with a short vacation with your companion in stunning surroundings? Check the Web Summer Camp location and how to get there and look no forward.



See you in Rovinj!


If you need to convince your boss, maybe this will help 2019.websummercamp.com/convince-your-boss ;)


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