‘Tis the season of sharing

von Maja Nebes -

Netgen story has always been about sharing - sharing knowledge, sharing experience, sharing the moments of joy and fun. One of the reasons I came here was to help with the growing marketing and event organization needs - in a fewer words, to help with the sharing. With that said, I could not have boarded the Netgen ship at a more exciting and opportune time - December, a true sharing spirited month.

So, let us begin the adventure!

Holiday season is at the door (although the weather outside is anything but frightful), so with Christmas coming up we managed to once again give a warm welcome to our dear northern guest Mr. Claus. You can imagine the joy on children’s faces when he pulled up in his blue and green sleigh and started giving them thoughtfully chosen presents!

In the spirit of sharing, we prepared a second batch of the eZ Publish & PHP Summer Camp workshop videos. The first batch covered some of the workshops, and this one includes workshops on Symfony Forms and eZ Publish 5. Watch and enjoy, and if you are one of those who were there, relive the memories! :)

Another vital part of the Netgen story are our employees and our partners with whom we share projects. We are happy to have such a great team and also to have found compatible companies with which to share our work, experience, knowledge, and ideas. Those are the reasons we have decided to organize an all-day event for all team members and with our partners last Friday, first ever Netgen Winter Meetup.

The first part of the event was Netgen-based - all of Netgen employees from offices in Zagreb, Osijek, and Trogir got together to talk about the newest developments and the future of the company. Lunch was a merging point - an enjoyable way of easing into the discussion with our partners regarding the future development of Netgen and future projects with our partners. After the summit, we continued our conversation in a more informal setting of a nearby cafe bar. You would not have missed us - 20ish people sitting around small tables with various laptops and smartphones out, discussing eZ Publish, Symfony, PHP, and other programming geeky stuff :)

It has been an amazing first month for me, and a great month for Netgen as well!

We wish you a joyous and peaceful holidays! May the holiday spirit be with you!


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