The Manifest Hails Netgen as Croatia’s Best Reviewed eCommerce & Web Design Partner for 2022

von Mislav Jantoljak -

Because of our clients’ strong appreciation and incredible support, we’ve caught the attention of an esteemed industry resource. During the very first The Manifest Company Awards, Netgen was officially named in Croatia’s best reviewed eCommerce and web design partners for 2022!

This is amazing news for us! Our clients have always been our source of inspiration to create and innovate. We highly regard their feedback and take every comment from them to heart to improve. The projects they’ve entrusted us with are the catalyst for our exciting journey as service providers.

For over two decades, Netgen has been offering world-class solutions and services to companies that want to make a lasting difference. Based in the heart of Zagreb, Croatia, we are a team that genuinely cares about our clients’ success and satisfaction. We genuinely believe that their trust is paramount to our team’s future.

The Manifest is a Washington DC-based business news platform that allows SMEs to connect with other business leaders from all over the world. For their inaugural company recognitions, the site spotlights the tremendous trust clients have in their respective B2B partners. The leaders are determined based on a number of enthusiastic testimonials and referrals they’ve earned over the past year.

We cannot express enough gratitude to all of you who believed in us. We are eternally thankful to have your trust and support. The Netgen team attributes this award to our clients’ empowering confidence in us.

Want digital experiences that grow your business? Work with Netgen! Connect with us and let’s hit the ground running. Our team is excited to hear from you!


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