Netgen Layouts 1.1 released

We are closing this year with a new, updated version of our product – Netgen Layouts 1.1.

We are super happy to announce we released a new version of Netgen Layouts — 1.1! You can try it out from scratch or upgrade your existing project and enjoy the biggest new feature: the preview, alongside a lot of small improvements. Now it is even easier to build and manage your web project!

New features

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new:

  • Preview a layout: explained in details in the previous blog post
  • See the item type for each item in the block view (useful when mixing different kinds of items)
  • List all layouts using a shared layout zone
  • Duplicate a mapping
  • Comment a mapping
  • Set the exact priority of mapping when reordering (really helps when you have a lot of mappings)
  • View cache (usually Varnish) is now cleared on publishing a layout (but this option can be disabled in the configuration for performance precautions)

There were a couple of small changes introduced in version 1.0 which are also worthy of mention:

  • Override the item view type for each item in the collection. For a manually added item, it can be set for the exact item or for the position (slot). For a dynamically added item, it can be set only for the slot.
  • Hide a block

In our 30-minute webinar, you can check how all these new features work on our demo instance. In case you don’t have your own demo instance you can request it. If you already have an existing project you can upgrade it. The upgrade from 1.0 version should be really straightforward. Explore it and let us know if you have any questions. 

What is coming next

We are already working on Layouts 1.2! We are focusing on a few things:

  • Finalizing our UI refactoring to React
  • Introducing new features related to blocks: copying, moving and sharing blocks between layouts
  • Adding more integrations with various backends (content sources)

Stay alert for news in upcoming 2020! Oh, and Happy New Year! :) 


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