Netgen Interns feat the DebugMan

von Maja Nebes -
Summer interns ft. the DebugMan

Not even this year did we break our tradition of summer internships. We have had two students, Lora and Marko, working on a real project, as is a custom with our internships. What did they do, how did they manage, and more find out in the blog post!

And, like every year before, the interns were wonderful - hardworking, clever, eager to learn, and easy to get along with. :)

We had two students, Lora and Marko, working on a real project, as is a custom with our internships. With only a modest knowledge of JavaScript to start with, they made a full-fledged web application in only twelve days!

What did they do?

Their goal was to create an interactive quiz about web development technologies which was created for Web Summer Camp under the name DebugMan Game. Their path wasn't always easy but they have managed to build it using JavaScript and its libraries (jQuery, Handlebars), HTML5, and CSS3 (Bootstrap3).

During the internship they knew how important it was that the game had no flaws. What they didn't know is that the visual style of the quiz is as important as the code behind it. They challenged themselves with mixing colors, adding animations, and combining various effects. Using #websc colors was a nice touch. :)

The game, led by Lora who was a part of our Web Summer Camp crew, had a great success at its debut at the Camp. Kudos!

If you are interested, the quiz is available on Github:

What did they say?

Besides the educational part, we enjoyed having them in our crew, even if only for three weeks. And this is how our interns felt.

Lora: "I learned a lot in these few weeks at Netgen. I came here as a beginner with little prior experience. Apart from learning new concepts, libraries, and getting familiar with web technologies (JavaScript, HTML, CSS), I also experienced working as part of a team. The atmosphere was great, relaxing and friendly, which helped Marko and me build a working application that isn't hard on the eyes. It wasn't always easy, but Netgen crew was always there to help and we made our first quiz, the DebugMan Game, in these three weeks.

It was motivating that it will actually be used at Web Summer Camp in Rovinj. This internship showed me what my future job will look like and I hope it will be in a company like this one."

Marko: "During this internship, I did not only learn about web technologies and libraries such as jQuery and Handlebars, but also gained experience in topics which traditionally receive less attention in college, such as teamwork, managing the project source code, and communicating your ideas.

I would recommend that my fellow students apply for this internship. Working here is pleasant and stress-free, and I've found every member of the team helpful. It will help you progress in your career and studies, and it is an experience you will neither regret nor forget. Plus, the food is great. :)"


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