Layouts version 1.2 released

We are glad to inform you that we released a new version of Netgen Layouts — 1.2! There are several ways to install it and try it out from scratch. For existing projects, we recommend upgrading. The biggest new feature –  improved export/import – will come in handy.

The end of 2019 was an auspicious moment for us, with Layouts v1.1 had been released and clear short term goals set. 2020 started with some setbacks which got amplified by the pandemic. Several months had gone with no chance to push things as we planned. There were a lot of small improvements and fixes in that period but no bigger change was made. In June, we restarted our efforts. Version 1.2 is the result of what could be done in this short time before summer vacation.

More powerful export/import 

The biggest news is the improved export/import functionality. In previous versions, Layouts had limited import/export possibilities:

  • Export layout instances via CLI and interface
  • Import layout instances via CLI

The major version 1.0 included some big changes under the hood, such as replacing simple integer IDs with UUIDs. This was a cornerstone for many improvements, syncing changes between different application instances being one of them. Now, new export/import features enable you to do this via UI. To be more specific, now you can:

  • Export layouts, mappings and user roles via CLI and UI
  • Import layouts, mappings and user roles via CLI and UI

Check out how this process works at the bottom of the text.

When importing you can choose to:

  • Create new entities from the import data (even if the UUID exists)
  • Skip ones which have the same UUID
  • Replace ones which have the same UUID

The last option will help in scenarios where you need to sync more instances, for example: staging -> prod or prod -> test, etc.

What’s next?

There are 3 things which will keep us busy after summer vacation:

  • Introducing new features related to blocks: copying, moving and sharing blocks between layouts
  • Simplifying building of landing pages 
  • Adding grouping to layouts and mapping listings

Short screen capture of exporting two layouts and two mappings:

Layouts export

A screen capture of importing those two layouts and two mappings: 

Layouts import

Have a great summer!

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