Invitation for Summer 2016 Internship

If you want to spend part of the summer to learn more about the latest web technologies, and make some money along the way, this might interest you! Encouraged by the excellent experience from the last few years, we are organizing another summer internship.

The internship will be held in our Zagreb office July 18 - August 12. The minimum length of an intern program for each student will be two weeks.

What do we offer?

  • Working hands-on on a specific web project under the supervision of senior mentors
  • Gaining experience in the latest web technologies (PHP, Symfony, eZ Platform, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, etc.)
  • A great opportunity for acquiring knowledge and know-how
  • Possible sponsorship for Web Summer Camp in Rovinj at the end of August
  • Getting to know the Netgen crew and our work style
  • Payment through Student Service
  • Free lunch :)
  • 1st-year Master Programme students at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing have a possibility of obtaining ECTS-credits through the internship (you'll need to apply to both FER system and [email protected]

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for students interested in frontend and backend web development willing to dedicate two weeks to work and eager to learn. Prior experience with HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript is an advantage.

If you are still having second thoughts, read the experiences of students who were with us at the summer internship and at our winter/spring internship. :)

How to apply?

Please send your applications to [email protected] until June 3 and tell us in what position you’re interested.

The application should be accompanied by:

  • a brief CV
  • a list of relevant projects / initiatives
  • GitHub / Bitbucket profile or the like
  • Social media profiles, blog, etc. (optional)

Find out more about Netgen on our website, our blog, and social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Good luck! :)

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