Another successful Summer Camp on PHP, Symfony, and eZ Publish organized by Netgen

The 3rd eZ Publish Summer Camp and the 1st PHP Summer Camp were held on September 3-6 in Rovinj, Croatia. Netgen was responsible for the technical side of the organization, and Salsa Adria Productions for the fun part of the Camp.

In 4 days, a total of 51 hours of (hands-on) workshops was held, with the main topics being PHP, Symfony, and eZ Publish CMS.

Besides the learning-oriented workshops, there were a lot of chances to network: 5-minute demo competition, celebrity debate, roundtables, cocktail party, group dinners, morning jogging, afternoon bicycle tour, and a boat trip to Lim fjord at the end of the Camp.

This year's summer Camp was the biggest one so far, with over 90 participants from 16 countries, out of which there were 17 speakers from 11 countries.

More details about the Camp can be found in our blog post. For more insights, read several blog posts written by speakers and participants.

Here are some of their quotes about the summer Camp:

"Even though I had high expectations for the conference, it blew me away. After 4 days, I didn’t want to go!" - Ryan Weaver

"As a whole, we found this edition of the camp very insightful and hope it will continue to grow in the coming years." - Roland Benedetti

"PHP Summer Camp was a treasure trove of new knowledge. Not even taking into account the amazing hospitality of the speakers or the fantastic leisure activities Netgen had planned for the event (from fancy fish dinners to boat rides, StarWars geek-out debates, and Mexican cantina raffles), the entire conference was one of the better ones I’ve been to, if not the best." - Bruno Škvorc 

"Dabei ist das eZ Publish Summer Camp, wie schon der Name sagt, keine typische Konferenz, sondern ein Workshop mit angeschlossenem Freizeitprogramm. Beim gemeinsamen Abendessen, einem Boot-Trip und einer Cocktailparty bietet sich die Möglichkeit in entspannter Atmosphäre Kontakte zu knüpfen und fachliche Gespräche zu führen." - Laura Vrapi

"Finally back home after an amazing #ezsummer. Thank you Netgen for keeping it amazing, and for keeping the WiFi up :)" - @jvieilledent

"Cycling out of Rovinj after some great days at PHP Summer Camp. Fantastic conference :) " - @dantleech

Photo galleries can be found on eZ Publish Summer Camp Facebook page.

Finally, we want to thank all the sponsors, speakers, and participants for being part of the Camp!

See you next year :)

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