Another exciting #websc summer coming up!

von Maja Nebes -
#websc sold out

Why exciting? Well, this was supposed to be a blog post announcing the full program and calling you to get your tickets before the Early Bird tickets close, with the appropriate soundtrack. The truth is, you overwhelmed us by your interest and we are officially announcing that, as of last week, Web Summer Camp 2017 is sold out! Let’s take a look what we have prepared for you end of August.

First of all, we want to thank you all for your continuous interest in our conference. The Camp would never be what it is now without our participants, speakers, and sponsors (it would just be a group of 20-odd people walking around Rovinj; weird, I know.) :)

websc organizers

This year we didn’t even make it to regular tickets! The first tickets were sold when we basically only knew when and where the Camp will be. The PHP track was full at the beginning of May, around the time we announced the full program, and the other tracks followed quickly. A perfect way to express our gratitude and appreciation for your faith and confidence in Web Summer Camp was and still is to raise the bar in 2017. Let’s take a look what we have prepared for you end of August!

In numbers

This will be the biggest Camp yet. You will meet over 170 participants from 17 countries all over the world and be a part of 23 workshops led by 27 speakers on 4 tracks spread over 3 days. Overall, 72 hours of quality workshops waiting for you!

websc Campers

The program

Following the last year’s successful model, all workshops last for (a minimum of) 3 hours – plenty of time to take a deep dive into a workshop topic. You can find the track programs on their pages – PHP, eZ, UX, JS – and plan your day accordingly.

Special sessions

This year, with 4 web-related tracks, we felt we needed an overarching lecture that would encompass the topics discussed in the workshops. And we were lucky enough to have Rachel Andrew agree to come and give a closing keynote.


You will also have an opportunity to join a J. Boye Masterclass in Rovinj – The Digital Manager’s Agenda. Find the tickets and more information on the website of J.Boye, friends of our conference.

Unconference session

Last year we had loads of fun and learned a few new things during Web Battle, our unconference session. Speak your mind on any of the Camp topics and present it in 10 minutes or less – you might just win a great prize!

Apply by simply sending your topic idea to [email protected] and prepare your presentation for August 31.

Companions track & Zagreb Transfer bus

We have formed the program for our Companion track and defined the price. Take a look at what the ticket includes – by purchasing it, your companion need not worry about lunches and dinners – they are in the price.

companions 2016

Also, we have 10 seats left for the bus Zagreb-Rovinj-Zagreb. If you are interested in riding with us, hurry and get your ticket!

Sponsors & friends

Just like every year so far, we want to emphasize how happy we are to have amazing backers for what we do. Some are our first-time supporters, and some have been with us since the beginning in 2012. Thank you all!

Platinum Sponsor: eZ Systems
Gold Sponsors: CJW Network, Keyteq, Prime, Infolox, CodeRhapsodie
Silver Sponsors: SofaScore, Come to Code, Locastic, Norse Digital, MV Labs
Bronze Sponsors: Shoutem, KnpUniversity, Kaliop
Friends: Agent Conference, Croatian Independent Software Exporters (CISEx), J. Boye, SitePoint

Stay tuned

Find all new info on the Camp's 2017 website. For regular updates, sign up for the newsletter or follow all news on Facebook and Twitter. If you prefer photo stories, #websc Instagram is the right place for you.

See you in Rovinj!


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