June @ Netgen

June @ Netgen

We continued to work hard in June. Read on about Netgen Admin UI, Web Summer Camp, conferences we attended, and some open source news.

Netgen Admin UI

We decided to make our Admin UI code available to the public. It should serve as a smoother migration path to the new eZ Platform era for many existing eZ Publish projects. To learn the whole story about Netgen Admin UI and why we implemented it, check out Ivo’s blog post from earlier this year.

Summer Camp

Web Summer Camp is sold out, track programs are out, extras are defined. There are still a few seats left on our Zagreb-Rovinj-Zagreb bus and it is not too late to get a ticket for your companion – we've prepared some engaging activities for them.

Conferences & Meetups

After attending PHP Serbia Conference in May, Randy shared his impressions in a blog post. Spoiler alert: it was his first conference and he loved it. :)

Ivo, Vjeran, and Igor went to London for eZ Conference. Ivo gave a presentation and was part of a panel.

Netgen was nominated for eZ Awards in 5 categories: Innovation of the Year – Edi Modrić, Netgen Layouts; Contributor of the Year – Edi Modrić for eZ Tags bundle and Petar Španja for eZ Site API; Blogger of the Year – Ivo Lukač; Extending eZ Award – NetgenEzSocialBundle. And we won one – thank you, eZ community!

Second annual Sylius Meetup was organized by Symfony Croatia, Locastic, web.burza, Trikoder, and Netgen. This year we had Paweł Jędrzejewski (co-founder of Sylius) & Łukasz Chruściel (Software developer at Sylius) talking about various ways of building the Sylius ecosystem with integrations and plugins. The lecture was followed by speakers from Locastic, Netgen (Ivo talked about Netgen Layouts), and Trikoder, with Pawel’s three-hour workshop scheduled as the final meetup feature.

Hrvoje K. was at ZgPHP Meetup where he was one of the panelists discussing surviving the development cycle.


Exciting news on our open-source front. :) Tags Bundle passed 50k downloads on Packagist, and Damien Pobel demoed at the eZ Conference how it could be integrated into Hybrid Platform UI v2.

Petar released Query Translator 1.0.0. Kudos!

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